Cloaked VS Cloaked Combat Ship

Permanently cloaked ship class (lurker?) that can see and attack other cloaked ships.

Uncloaked ships are completely invisible to it. Can only D-scan cloaked ships. Can use a cloak lock module (remote cloak stabilizer?) to prevent ships from disengaging by decloaking. A hard counter to AFK cloaking (not that AFK cloaking is actually a problem).

Alternatively, a faction with ships that can engage in cloaked VS cloaked combat (as above), or that can decloak to participate in normal combat.

Originally, I was going to post this in the bad ideas thread, but it seems like there is enough to it to generate discussion.

Can you escape by uncloaking? Or will there be a decloaking scrambler? Will there be new cloaked stations that you can dock at while cloaked?

Yes, you can escape by uncloaking. I included a note on a “remote cloak stabilization” module. Further note that covert ops ships need to be cloak stabilized and warp scrambled if the goal is to keep them from getting away.

Maybe it is simplest if cloak stabilized ships can engage any cloaked ships but lose the ability to see uncloaked ships. Then the permanently cloaked ship then becomes permanently cloak stabilized. It can probably kill things like cloaked explorers instantly without being seen. If it wants to prevent something like a cloaked battleship from decloaking and disengaging, it needs to lock into a two way engagement and accept return fire by cloak stabilizing it. This implies that whatever the cloaked apex predator is does not necessarily need to have a paper tank to be balanced.

Cloak stabilized stations would be hilarious, but I do not think the game needs to be that complicated. Everything uses regular stations… unless we want cloaked stations? Alternatively, a Standup Cloaking Device?

Hypothetically, remote cloak stabilizers could be used to move any ship into a cloaked station as long as the ship can use at least a T1 cloak. Cloaked structure bashing could be interesting. Cloaked structures would make for an interesting faction and explain why we have not interacted with them in the past- they were watching us, but we did not see them.

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