[CLOSE] Edecom/Trig Pilot focused. 27.5 M sp

Character is NPC corp., and here is the LINK for the skills.

Fee for character transfer will be paid by me, upon sale completion.

+2 Remaps, No kill rights, positive wallet, Sec Status 5.0.

Character no longer for sale.

25b/o offer

25 B/O offer

thank you for the offers,
i will keep to post up another 48 hours, willing to negotiate on price

Changed B/O price, daily bumb.

I withdraw my offer. too long time

I am looking to get close to what i am asking. I m not going to sell it low…

Thank you kindly for all bidders.



Character no longer for sale. Sorry

My bid if 25b is still valud if you change your mind

Appreciated, thank you, i will consoder it.