Close Encounters of the EVE Kind - recruiting!


Welcome to Close Encounters of the EVE Kind

Why Join CEEK?

  • We are a growing, INCLUSIVE community of EVE friends ideal for those looking for a home where real life always comes first & there are no fleet/pressure requirements outside of having FUN

  • MATURE, friendly community where you can PLAY your game the way YOU want. There are always people online/active to help answer an EVE question, or do things with, whether it is PVE or PVP.

  • IDEAL for returning pilots that have been away from the game a long time and are trying to catch up with all the recent changes :slight_smile: We are here to help answer your questions!

  • You want to make ISK! We specialize in INDY and can help guide you to turn all of your efforts/time in game to COMPOUND your ISK. This ISK can help you skill up quicker and/or pay for your PVP :wink: fun.

  • STABLE, professional leadership - we have a short term and long range strategic plan that doesn’t change every week/month. We communicate regularly with EVERYONE and are completely transparent with our balance sheet/operating expenses. The CEO is actually online regularly & plays EVE & spends time on comms with the community.

  • VALUE your time. We make it as easy as possible for our members to spend time playing the game versus hauling and doing busy chores. We have an excellent buy-back program that pays quickly! All of our programs are designed to be MEMBER FRIENDLY.

If the above sounds interesting to you, we would love to hear from you!

Please note registration/ESI checks will be required. We also use Discord for our comms.



Added several new members last night that are returning to the game!

If interested in joining us, please message me in game!


2 more new members tonight :slight_smile:

Come join us today! and make ISK! - tonight we had a fleet huffing/puffing 8 gas sites :slight_smile:


2 more members today :slight_smile: - Excited to have them on board with our community.


2 more returning players joined us this morning! Great to see players as far back as 5-10 years ago returning to EVE!

Another new member tonight :slight_smile: Come hang out with us!

Two more awesome members including one of our original members returning back to us.

8 more new members this weekend! Message me in game for more details if you are interested in joining us! GOLDI

We reached 108 this week! We are working on applications as they come in for proper registration/ESI checks. Thanks for your patience. GOLDI

Bump! Come learn to make ISK with us. GOLDI

2 more returning players joined today! Look forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:

1 more returning player has joined us! Lets GO!

We are ready for our next wave of members! Message me in game!

Bump! Recruitment office is open all weekend!

Recruitment is open. Looking to add experienced players looking for something different, returning players looking for help on what they missed or those trying to learn indy.

4 more new members joined! Come join our momentum, make some ISK! and make some new friends!

Here we grow again! Interested in a positive change with your EVE experience? Come join a group where you matter!

Exciting times in CEEK! Please message us if you are interested in joining our growing community! Yes we actually play EVE regularly :slight_smile:

Another great night of recruitment!
“From extraction to Production” - interesting stuff and we look forward to taking advantage of the changes immediately to make even more FUN ISK!.
In fact, if you listen to the streams carefully you will really appreciate being a somebody with us versus being a “peasant” to others.
Invest your EVE game play time wisely! That is the only “WASTE” you have to worry about in EVE :slight_smile:
Play the game you want, when you want, and how you want with CEEK.
Look forward to hearing from each of you!

Recruitment open all day :slight_smile: