CEEK - small, growing team of pilots looking to add more!

Close Encounters of the Eve Kind - CEEK is a small, growing, friendly team ideal for new, returning or veteran pilots, looking for PVE/PVP/W-H content.


0% Tax
Ore/Moon Goo/Ice/Salvage buy back program
Free Giveaways during Fleets
Industrial Machine with the abilities to make nearly anything in the EVE Universe
Discord for Comms
No Minimum SP requirements - alpha or omega
All Times Zones are accepted

CEEK is opreated as an inclusive enviornment where family comes first.

We are CEEK all types of communication within the EVE Universe including

  • new pilots looking to join a dynamic team,
  • potential alliances,
  • short/mid/long term strategic initiatives and/or
  • hired to leverage any of our strengths within the EVE universe including our might Industry arm.

We CEEK only win-win proposals. We have a lot of veteran experience in EVE so please be direct and straightfoward with your ideas.

We have pilots ranging from 130M+ SP to brand new. We operate around the clock with a diverse player base.

If you are interested in learning more and/or you have an interesting proposal, please message or chat with me in game.

Undock & Lets GO!

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