Small New Pilot Friendly Corp - 0% Tax Rate - High Sec

CEEK - Close Encounters of the EVE Kind is a small corporation that is focusing on sharing information and knowledge geared towards those pilots that are either new or fairly new but are eager to learn more about the game and/or returning to the game.

Veteran players are also welcomed especially ones that want to take on more responsibility for one of our divisions as we gain momentum in the coming days, weeks and months.

We CEEK every pilot to feel welcomed here and appreciated for what they enjoy doing in EVE!

This corporation is not part of any Alliance and is based in High Sec space for now.

I have spent 3 solid years with multiple accounts in EVE learning the game over several thousands of hours logged, from my experiences in both null sec and high sec space.

At CEEK, we will be a strong ambassador of EVE to help fellow pilots learn all the tricks of the trade so to speak, so they can generate their own fluid ISK stream of wealth and get the most for their time in EVE doing what they want to do to have FUN in EVE. This includes and is not limited to; Market Trading, Planets, Industry, Hauling, Data/Relic & Combat Sites, Missions, Worm Holes and relaxing Mining.

At CEEK, you are a somebody! and will never be judged for who you are nor what you enjoy within EVE. You are not pressured to talk more than you are comfortable within Comms, nor log on more than you are personally able too or extend yourself in any way beyond what you feel comfortable doing.

We realize life challenges and pleasures come first in CEEK and family balance and a healthy corp culture is our top priority here.

In addition, in CEEK there are no strict rules, no limitations and/or minimum SP requirements. We have no hidden agendas and thrive on a strong culture where being a good person to your fellow corp mates comes first and foremost.

The tax rate is set at 0% so you can keep your hard earned ISK for yourself.

We have a Discord channel for comms and for sharing learnings to help save you valuable time within EVE.

We have broken ground on this project just this week after many weeks of careful planning. Membership will increase over time and will be eventually limited in size.

If you want to be one of our first pilots to make a difference in CEEK please reach out to me in game via message and/or reply here.

Thanks for your time! and Fly Safe my friends!

Can confirm Ihdor is super knowledgeable of Industry/PI and the freshest krabbing methods. I needed specific questions answered on an PI issue and I found him hanging out on EVE’s dedicated PI channel, helping people out. Pretty sure you can become afk space rich with this dude.

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First of all thank you so much for the kind words!
Most importantly, we are so glad you were able to expand your ISK opportunities in EVE.
It was a pleasure talking to you last night and we look forward to future communications.
FLY SAFE my friend!

Just a quick update - We have added several experienced pilots this weekend and we are very fortunate to have their frienship as part of our team. We continue to look for pilots that feel an alignment with us. We are happy to discuss further with you.
Thank you

Just a quick update - We have again added several quality pilots to our team. We have also received a lot of private emails regarding our corp name so thanks for the +++ feedback. If you recognize the movie that probably explains alot haha… Still looking for quality people to join us. We are off to a tremendous start and we certainly appreciate the Corp founding members for their passion so far. Please reach out to me in game if you have any questions! Cheers

Another communication update - We are fortunate to have some new experienced pilots that have been away from EVE returning to join the game and join CEEK. This is exciting news for our team and we look forward to adding new members to our growing family. Any time zones are welcomed, any skill levels are welcomed, we are an inclusive mature group of pilots. So contact us, please for more information!

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