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This has been my main account for years but I have decided it’s time to start fresh. Account is positive isk balance no kill rights, in a default corp and in high sec. Current location is Lanngisi. Primarily used a Kronos and was skilled heavily into it. Has the police skin and spirit skin as well as fully fit Kronos in station. Account has not been used in a while so is currently in alpha status.Logan Starmule Skills

Please attach link to eveskills, if it’s really 50m I offer 25B isk ready to pay

Logan starmule Skillpoints


27.5B ready to pay right now


Wanted to post a buyout of 35b, if there is an interest.

I think 35 is too much since the pilot is allrounder and not very well focused

Fair enough, how about 30?

29 and we make a deal?

I’m ok with that yes

Sendin account info and Isk shortly to Logan StarMule

Thank you, I’ll be watching for it.

Isk and account info send with eve mail

Received and starting the transfer process

I have completed the account transfer process and paid the fee. Completion is listed on website for 12/21/2022 at 5:12:50am est

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Received the toon thanks.

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