Looking for mining boost porpoise alt (7-10b)
Or very focused orca/rorqual pilot.

I have 2m skill points to assign and you cn put in barge / exhumer.

5.4 ?

She can use loki, is striong in missiles and can do abyssals.

I can offer 5b/o

5.2 and is yours, i need purchase implants to my other char.

5.2b will be sent to Talwar Nova with account info shortly.

Ok i begin to pass my itms to my other char. I am in heimatar high sec, no killing rights, all ccp rules apply, positive wallet, no jump clones.

5.2b and account info has been sent to Talwar Nova

Transfer Done, please Answer the thread when you recive the ccp real life mail, or the character.

Enjoy !

Character has been received.

Looking for 1 more porpoise alt

Still looking for porpoise/orca/rorqual boosting miner pilot

I can fly both a Porpoise and Orca.


Post withdrawal
CLOSE please.

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