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Located near Jita will move to 4-4 upon agreement of purchase
Ingame Channel: Okre’e Empourium

Supers - In research not available

Thanatos 8/14 2.7b
Nidhoggur 8/12 2.7b
Archon 8/14 2.7b
Chimera 8/14 2.7b

Revelation 8/14 4.5b
Moros 8/12 4.5b
Phoneix 8/14 4.5b
Naglfar 8/12 4.5b

Lif 8/14 3b
Minokawa 8/14 3b
Ninazu 8/14 3b
Apostle 8/14 3b

Orca 8/14 3b

Faction Sub packs coming soon, these include from frigate to battlecruiser all 10/20

bumpity bump

buy mah wares

wares for sale wares where are the wares? in jita 4-4 of course

still up looking for buyers

Name your piece for the bundle

43.8 if you want the orca print as well

You are firm on list price even for the whole thing?

give me am oment ill log in and we can chat

Bumps tops

get your bpos today still for sale

hulls for sale!!! hulls for sale!!! get your cap bpo hulls here!!!

print shop bump

mail sent

uppity up for the bump

Nyx 7-0
Hel 7-0
Aeon 7-0
Wyvern 7-0

all in the oven for ME 8 atm, will be doing TE 14 afterwards

humpity bumpity

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