WTS Chremoas AT Hull & WTS Avatar/ Nyx / Hel BPOs

I’m to lazy to make multiple Buy / Sell threads so I’m going to wrap it all up in here… Feel free to post in the thread / i check evemail far more often though

Alternative: Discord = Flores#1200

Chremoas Hull - 415B (Last few sold were between 405-450B) – Once hull is sold I will post the Zeus Abyssal Fit to sell

Hel ME8 - 23b
Nyx ME8 - 21b
Avatar ME6 - 65B (10b below NPC + Research)

WTB - Blueprints:
Archon ME10 x1
Chimera ME10 x1

Bump and Edited the WTB

380 for the chrem

Bump, looking for more


WTS updated
WTB updated
Chrem Top bid @ 390b IG – still to low but not to far

Another Dayyy

Bump updated WTB / WTS again

Bump updated with what I’ve gotten on WTB…

WTS remains same but few bids in


Bump… Some prices updated


Chrem not going for under 400

another dayyy


Bumppp – BPO Prices updated, all lower when i checked compared to Contract Sell Orders of Equal ME


Have not heard back from 390b Chrem offer so only offer at the moment is per the forum @ 380

BPO prices updated yesterday to be cheapest option available at ME8

Just another day

Up to ze topp


Going to leave BPOs a bit longer


Final day for Cap BPOs before they go back to use