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But to add, if miners and ratters have sov and have a local it would beat the purpose. unless it was a 15 min delay local… which would only give you 15 min to plan an attack before you are revealed in local coms.

It would have advantages and disadvantages

---- local allows them to see you entering, but it also allows you to see them. Whenever I find null sec systems with big mining fleets, I bookmark them as places to find possible AFK stragglers who don’t dock up in time.

----no local — a weaker corp could go no local in a dead-end system, put a scout at the gate/any wormholes, check dcan, and mine all day. If somebody pops in, they might see the ships on dscan but won’t be able to tell who’s flying them, their killboards, etc. That lone procurer might be bait, but you can’t tell because you don’t know who’s there.

Timers could also be used so that when local is knocked out, it’s not immediately put back up. I agree though, there needs to be a way for pvp’ers to exploit no/knocked out local as well for it to work.

You have to be kidding me. They literally just closed a thread on this. Go read it, we don’t need ANOTHER one! They’re doing something already, it’s called the Observatory Array.


EDIT- sorry if this hurt your feelings. I know we have to baby people here at times.


talking about doing something like that in the future watch FanFest Keynotes



Smart guy…you’re right, you don’t have to read this. You can always just roll your eyes, decide not to read the topic, and keep scrolling.

Literally, thousands of people play this game without keeping themselves entirely up-to-date with all it’s developments, so these posts are going to happen more than once. Grow up and learn to ignore it.

Anyways, I obviously didn’t know they’re adding something already, or I wouldn’t have created this topic. That’s great news though, anything change things up would be great.

It’s literally still on the first page. Scroll down ever so slightly.
You know what, you’re right, that’s too much to expect of someone. I’ll get you a link: Delay Local

Dude, get off your high horse.

That topic is about delaying local and the vast majority of comments are related to that, not to observation arrays.

Anyways, what’s your problem?

I get it, you don’t like that I created this topic, you made your point, now contribute to the discussion or ■■■■ off.

Thanks Jennifer, I’ll check them out.


I had fun last night during last night’s lagfest, when local stopped working. Blapped an explorer whom I didn’t even expect to see since local wasn’t working. It was fun!

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Maybe you had a cyno on that Astero? Did you think about that, nope, dumb comment… And you have the cheek to tell people to get off their high horse!

Go read the Delay local mega thread where this was already flogged to death. If you have no idea about the Empire game in 0.0 and are a poor hunter, that is your issue.

Nope, I am very happy seeing people come into my space so I can go get in a PvP ship to kill them with, my Vaga with 13 killmarks says otherwise.

And I rat and I am not AFK nor a bot, if bots are the issue then CCP needs to remove them, if people are AFK then they do not even notice you enter local, so go kill them!

PS Bring that Astero to Catch and see how long it lasts…
PPS Just now we had a gang come into our space, I waited them out, why was that, well 2 x Dramiel and 2 x Orthrus is just not worth bothering with, would you honestly tell me that I am the reason for the lack of content or perhaps they are?

Quoted for truth. You want no local - go WH. You have an option. Leave other players THEIR option. We really do not need to turn eve into one big WH style game. It is awesome in a divercity of different playgrounds. You are struggling looking for easy targets? Go join CODE. They are good in blaping unprepared people in defenseless ships. You struggling to find any target at all - go into FW zone. Do not use PWN mobile like worm and you will find fight in 10 minutes, 5, if you are in maulus navy or other hard to win ship.

BTW, the right section of the forum is called player suggestions, it is not for general discussion.


Ha, I did think of that…a cyno would have been a bad day for them.

As for the rest, this isn’t a pvp ■■■■ waving contest. Nobody cares. If this isn’t happening where you live, great, keep it up, but it does happen. If it didn’t, then I wouldn’t be beating a dead horse by reopening this topic.

As to that…yeah, I know, I get it. Didn’t mean to reopen a topic that’s already been hammered into the ground. Sorry about that. MY BAD.

PS - my Astero would last years
PPS - waiting is a valid tactic but when it turns into the only tactic, it’s no longer a pvp game.

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You didn’t even read my post and you write like you’re twelve.

Wow, yeah, now I can see why everyone is mad I reopened this. Sorry again.

Flagging my posts without good reason will just get you banned.

Considering your seriously bad behaviour, this thread will get locked anyway.

Btw, I am all for delayed local everywhere, but I am against people who apparently have absolutely no manners whatsoever. The irony of you calling someone a “twelve year old” is probably quite lost on you.


What are you talking about? I didn’t flag your posts and could care less what you think of my behavior.

and yes, he didn’t read my posts and I did say he writes like a child. Go read the paragraph. It’s awful.

Well, that is a part of your apparent problem.

I did read your posts and you are actually worse.


Your posts were flagged by the community for good reason.

As to allowing this thread, thats not your decision.

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Whatever you say, I don’t care. You’re not even making sense, so I’m going to ignore you.

Well, it is also not your decision when you “decide” on what should and should not be, but yet you keep behaving like you do. The “community” could as well be a bunch of alts who - just like with bumping, suicide ganking and afk cloaking - want to keep up the illusion of there being a problem.

Which is, though, not the point. The point is that this kind of topic just got locked for a good reason, and he made a new one which will run the same course. Hush, go salvosh around somewhere else.


I actually am. Your inability to understand that just proves my statement about you.

Go ahead. You will see what it will earn you.