An Idea to initiate more conflict in Null Sec

P.S. Please Do not move this to the remove local topic as this is different Idea and should have its own post as to receive relative criticism.

The problem: People docking up in null sec when enemies enter their local and waiting for them to leave before un-docking:

Possible solution:
A mobile communication disruption array:

15min anchoring time: vulnarable.
anchored: invulnerable for 2 hours.
While anchored it delays local for 4 seconds, and remove’s local chat colour’s to make it harder to see who is allies and who is enemies.

Costs 20mil
takes 50m3
has 20k ehp.

This will make it harder for people to rat safely but will still make it possible while being enough of a deterant that people will want to go out in pvp ships and kill it within the 15 minute timer, which hopefully will spark more pvp battle’s.

All criticism welcome:

you say that yet this idea and ones like it are all over that thread

It’s in the correct forum, which means it will not be closed for redundancy that quickly.

That’s all there is to the problem. People dock. But they don’t take the next step to switch ships into a combat ship and get ready to fight. Which is most of the times understandable because most of the times there is simply no reason to undock again and deliver yourself to the meat grinder. :stuck_out_tongue: And other times you get yelled for “blobbing” when you counter 1 guy with 4 guys.

Your structure will not solve the problem. The only thing it will do is give incompetent hunters time to get a target they don’t deserve.

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Yes and they are all drowning in a cess pool in a single thread that no one wants to read lol and they are all different idea’s why must they be chucked together. If this one is moved too then I know for sure that they are only sweeping things under the rug :confused:

because no one wants to see the same arguments over and over polluting the forums and push fresh ideas down into the abyss.

no they are just cleaning the forum of another redundant idea that has been argued to death

If it was the same idea then id agree with you but its not.

but it is the idea of a structure that removes, disrupts, delays or creates local has been brought up countless times

And has been dismissed every single time without a design work flow to iron out problems. In stead it has hit the same comments of Lets not change anything because its sort of alright.

Would it not be easier to just have a rig/module that removes you from local chat? You gain the benefit of not being in local but lose the ability to chat in full. Which would also include fleet chat and broadcasting for reps.

no it was years ago when the ideas were all over the main page. there is a reason one of the first things that happened on the new forums was the afk thread being re-created. those of us who were there are done with this ■■■■.

look at your idea it does not create conflict local disrupted > dock up and do nothing for 2hrs > send a bomber to go kill structure > if dead and local is clear go back about your business/ if they were waiting and kill bomber wait another few hrs

-1 Step one is to remove local, not bandage it with a 4 second delay.

Also agree with others, just another local thread with nothing special in it.

All i’m hearing is that your too tired to find a solution to the problem so you’d rather not even think about it and pretend everything is fine.

i have already given mine

live in wh if you don’t like local

if ccp reeeeeeeeally wants to remove local then only remove it from sov null and add in a structure that returns it

only thing removing local will do is force more alts to be created so they can be sat on gates watching people come in.

That has been suggested before, but that’s a really terrible idea. Only the sov holders would have local and hunters would be in an even worse situation. That would also make the commonly suggested mitigation tactic pointless that you should hack it to deactivate or delay local more.

no… everyone in system has local

not if you could just hack the structure or better yet just destroy it

Why should sov holders pay for other people’s local? It would obviously be a downside of the service but so far all structures were useful exclusively for the owners.

…[quote=“Dyver_Phycad, post:16, topic:65674”]
It would obviously be a downside of the service

answered your own question

your either lying or don’t have any idea what your talking about. anyone can mine from a moon

Try it in null sec.

only thing stopping you is the people in system not the structure

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