Only 27b budget.Best of all,most of skills are JF.

Would you be interested in me?

She can fly a Rhea, I injected the book shortly after I updated the skillboard.
She is training as we speak and is 4 days from JDC IV. Has Caldari Freighters to IV, JDO V.
Caldari Hauler to V, Amarr Hauler to IV, and half of the trade skills to V.

How about 11b?in hand

o/ friend


Still need

Admiral CoolBoy Skill & Standings Sheet (
JDO 5, JDC 5, JFC 4
Cal Freighter 4, Gal Freighter 4, Jump Freighters 4
Gal Hauler 5 with Transports 4
Gal Frigate 5, Interceptor 4
Core 14 @ 90%
w/ 1M unallocated sp
Solid Exhumer miner, decent drone boat and scanner pilot too.

Comes with a +5 pod (charisma +4), and another +4 pod both in HS

Thank you for sharing. Your character is very good, but it’s not the type I expected. I expect most skill points to be JF. He won’t get a high price with me.I can only offer 25b

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