WTB JF pilot

Looking for JF pilot between 15m - 30m SP

Must have:
Jump Drive Calibration V
Jump Fuel Conservation V
Jump Freighters V

Nice to have:
Amarr Freighter V

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26.5M EveSkillboard - Bob Gale 23B

17M https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Marcela_Valladolid 14.7B

I’ll give you 10B for Marcela, cash in hands :slight_smile:

Sorry, can’t accept that

Your character doesn’t have JF V, you won’t get 14B for it. If you don’t want the 10B right now, suites you. My offer remains and I’m not going up.

Im interested in Bob Gale if he isnt

Marcela is absolutely not worth 15B. I’ll give you 9B if you accept now, it lacks skills and has several that are not useful

EDIT : Meh, didn’t see the 10B offer, disgregard, not gonna bother going over for a char that needs injection and extraction.


My 10B offer still stands for 24 hours. As stated by the person above, the character needs some work to be usable as a JF pilot which means injection/extraction, that is extra money to put on top of and I see no reason why I should pay you extra for that :slight_smile:

You have until 15:00 Eve Time tomorrow to accept the offer, after that the price will be going down.

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Look up Jayden mccross on eve skillboard

Pw is. Linux

Does have JF 5

Great scanning skills

Great Trade skills

Some production and science
Skill are a work in progress

What is the price your wanting for Jayden? that PW isnt working. I see Jayden was sold just a couple months ago and had 10million more SP than your saying he does now. Id like to see what’s left

Password is Linux with a capital L

I’ve been the only owner since 6-11-2012

You didn’t say what price you were looking to get

45 Bill for
Jayden mccross

ok thank you, best of luck to you. I wish you well

How much will you offer for me?


PW: jumpy

It’s a really good char, sadly he’s out of the league I’m looking for because of the extra skills that I won’t need. But you should be able to get a good price for that one :slight_smile:

@Onyx_Apol 27.5b

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