[CLOSED] 11.6m Skillpoints (Caldari & Core)


I want to sell this Pilot: Ameesha Sharma

  • Wallet Balance
    0 ISK at Time of Transfer
  • Killrights
  • Jump Clones
  • Character Location
    Jita (HS)

Please leave Offers below


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Would love to main this char 4b.

6 billion.

6.1 bil

6.2 billion.

I can pay total 8b 4down and we can talk about a plan for the other half. Been playing for a month and I need a nice character to make lots of isk in.

Thanks for all the kind Offers so far. I am looking for 8.5B and I am > not < accepting down payments.

Still for Sale

6.3 billion

Still for Sale

Still for Sale

6.5 billion

Character will be extracted and relisted once its done. Thanks to all Bidders

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