Character now sold

Selling this 2005 character, has a little over 200 million skillpoints.
would make a good main for someone who has more time to play.

docked in npc station in amarr
positive wallet,
positive sec status
no kill rights
2 remaps
in a +4 clone

Seller will pay transfer fee by cc.

skillboard link pw1234

Looking for offers around 200 bill.




Below target, I know, but there is interest!

Thanks for your offer, sorry for late reply, but work sucks :frowning_face:

I think i could go down to 180b, but that is as low as i would want to go at this time.

Would you consider meeting in the middle at 177.5 billion?

yeah why not. lifes too short to quibble over a couple of bill.

Great! Sending ISK and account info now…

Isk received with thanks.

Transfer paid and initiated.

Many thanks.

Transfer confirmed, thanks col ammity!

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