WTS 2005 Character ☆ Original Corp. SOLD


This is not an auction. Selling for 15b.

  • Positive Security Status
  • Located in Jita 4/4
  • Positive Wallet
  • One Jump Clone
  • Full Set of +5 Implants
  • No Kill Rights

This character will receive the ISK from the sale and all CCP Rules will be followed.

Removed password from eveskillboard and added him to Skillboard.Evie.

Sorry for the confusion.

19.3m SP’s.

Clean corp history. Never left NPC corp.

Human Nature.

Bumping is fun.

https://eveskillboard.com/ is shutting down today. Will use the following link for skills unless someone points me to a better site.



15 b isk is ready


Please send ISK and account information.


Isk send now to Damian Lewis and send you ingame name with account information

awaiting for Transfer

ISK received.

I’ll transfer him as soon as I get home from work.

It should be within the next couple of hours.


Please check your in-game email.

I’m having the same problem I have every time I try to use a credit card at CCP.

Of course, I have the funds in my account or I wouldn’t try charging it.

I filed a support ticket…let’s see how that goes.

They don’t have at this point PayPal ? Or need ccp. Only credit card transfer?

I hope I must not be wait days for char transfer ccp that is bored

OP Success!
Damian Receipt

Transfer of character is underway…

thats a great message thank you i thing tommorow after downtime

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No, you will have him 10 hours from the time the transfer started.

Thanks for your patience.

thank you char received