(SCRP Mosh) #1

Covert Ops, Marauders, Recons T3 (Tengu, Legion) etc.
Over 61 Mil Skillpoints.

  • Positive wallet at transfer.
  • Negative SS - 0.90
  • No kill rights
  • NPC corp.
  • Hi-sec location.
  • Small corp history
  • 3 jump clones

Starting bid 52 bil.
B/0 65 bil. NOW 56.5 Bil 15.10.2017

This character will receive the isk and I pay the transfer fee.
I reserve the right to end the auction at any time and to accept or refuse any offer.

All CCP rules apply and I will cover all fees related to the character transfer.

(TxivYawg1) #2

46 bil

(SCRP Mosh) #3

Starting bid is 52 bil.

(Gattanera) #4

I could do 50b, a bit below the starting price

(Elf Duremar) #5

54 Bil.

(Eugene Montag) #6

Can offer 56 b.

(SCRP Mosh) #7

Selling with no hurry.

(SCRP Mosh) #8


(SCRP Mosh) #9

Cmon boys. Just a little bit more. Just a bit.

(SCRP Mosh) #10


(Nerdz Rool) #11

I am pretty sure you cannot include those plex in the sale thread.

(SCRP Mosh) #12

Why? 300 Plex as a bonus.

(Nerdz Rool) #13

It is not allowed, as shown in B, 8.

(SCRP Mosh) #14

Ops. Got you.

(SCRP Mosh) #15

56.5 bil just offer and i going to start transfer today.

(SCRP Mosh) #16

Bump. 56.5bil. I’m still ready to start transfer.

(TxivYawg1) #17

it is also not allowed to bump your thread more than once every 24 hours… GM will lock this thread anytime now.

(SCRP Mosh) #18

Now B/0 is 56.5 bil.

(system) #19

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