Covert Ops, Marauders, Recons T3 (Tengu, Legion) etc.
Over 61 Mil Skillpoints.

  • Positive wallet at transfer.
  • Negative SS - 0.90
  • No kill rights
  • NPC corp.
  • Hi-sec location.
  • Small corp history
  • 3 jump clones

Starting bid 52 bil.
B/0 65 bil. NOW 56.5 Bil 15.10.2017

This character will receive the isk and I pay the transfer fee.
I reserve the right to end the auction at any time and to accept or refuse any offer.

All CCP rules apply and I will cover all fees related to the character transfer.

46 bil

Starting bid is 52 bil.

I could do 50b, a bit below the starting price

54 Bil.

Can offer 56 b.

Selling with no hurry.


Cmon boys. Just a little bit more. Just a bit.


I am pretty sure you cannot include those plex in the sale thread.

Why? 300 Plex as a bonus.

It is not allowed, as shown in B, 8.

Ops. Got you.

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56.5 bil just offer and i going to start transfer today.

Bump. 56.5bil. I’m still ready to start transfer.

it is also not allowed to bump your thread more than once every 24 hours… GM will lock this thread anytime now.

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Now B/0 is 56.5 bil.

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