CLOSED: 2005 109m Sp Gallente SubCap to Super Character

If you are looking for a well trained, Gallente focused character, this is your toon.
He has been collecting dust for a very long time, and it’s time to move him along if the price is right.
(I’ve chopped this char up a bit. I cut out the missile type skills, but left the missile support skills, also has high grade crystal implants. Strange, but it is what it is.)

109m SP
No Kill Rights
No Significant Assets
Positive Sec Status
Positive Wallet
Currently In NPC Corp
Character and JC are both in High Sec
Will Pay Transfer Fee

EO Warshark

EO Warshark Augmentation
EO Warshark JC

How much u looking for please


80bil (you should always give indications of your expected sale price)

Sure, Im looking for someone that wants to keep the toon. I could chop it up myself and net 85B+

Hoping someone sees more value. Closer to 100B.
If not thats okay too.

86B offer

87 bill

Thanks for the offers. Doesn’t look like I will get what I want out of the char. Just gonna chop him up and keep him since he’s 18 yrs old.

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Could do 90. I will use the char and not chop it

91B offer

92 bill

dont forget, u still can extract two more LSIs

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