[CLOSED] Can I have 5 minutes of your time?

Dear capsuleers,

Can I take 5 minutes of your time to fill in my google form survey about EVE activities:

You have a chance to win in-game PLEX / SKINs / Hulls on completion and the survey is completely anonymous. It doesn’t collect account/e-mail info.

Thanks in advance!

Share with friends and corpies, because if I can get 1000 responses, I’ll drop 2.5Bil ISK worth of rewards through the ingame mailing list raffle.


Thanks for filling it in!

10/1000 responses so far :smile:

It’s a google form and you can confirm that no e-mail or account info is shared.

  • The mailing list raffle is an incentive to complete the form. I personally stake 2.5 Bil worth of: SKINs and 200 PLEX, Gila, Cynabal, Covetor. This reward pool can increase if people donate, but that’s not necessary for me. I would like to host some events at some point, so this could be a starting off point for that too.
  • The survey is to analyze and then report on player activities (probably on this forum and reddit).
  • The questions are focused on the matrix [ Fun x ISK x TimeInvestment] and player motivation within that matrix to engage in all the game’s activities.
  • I’m also building a spreadsheet alongside this for my own use, so that I can optimize my own activities in the game, but people will have access to the data to make their own spreadsheets or conclusions.
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In the opening thread above it reads;

“survey is completely anonymous”

How would you find out who would go in the raffle?

The in-game mailing list does not allow you to see who’s in it. But if I send a mail, everyone who joined it will be able to see the instructions. The plan is to instruct people to go to a specific station and trade me a specific low-cost item as password so I can pick a reward with RNG.

You will need to manually look at some of the ISK/hr values given. Many people did enter triple-digits and obviously meant like “120 million ISK/hr”, not “120 ISK/hr”.

Yep, some data wrangling will be necessary.

:eyes: :thinking: :snowflake:

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I was being a jerk.

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Nah, we good fam. Just a little paranoid, but I guess that’s … normal…. for EVE. You actually helped me refine my post by asking some good questions.

bumping this to My EVE - EVE Online Forums as its very close to advertising.


Just completed the survey, good luck with your raffle.


Due to low turnout & trolls, or my own naivety, whatever, I’m closing this survey and the associated offer. There’s not enough data to form any reasonable conclusions.

Whoever joined the mailing list will get a nice gift, and that’s it.

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