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Anyone get a email from CCP Research about doing a survey to get entered in a drawing for a chance to win 2500 plex? or is this a Scam email?


Yeah, I got that Email…

Don’t think it’s a scam but according to the Email it’ll take 20 to 30 minutes to fill out… That must be one hell of a survey…

Anyway, I gotta say it’s a pretty bad state of affairs if CCP has to bribe players with a chance of winning PLEX just to fill out a survey…

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@EvE_Janes I’m taking the survey now. Almost done. I’m enjoying it.

for 30 minutes of my time, CCP needs to give the PLEX to anyone that takes the survey. Think about the impact of that - nothing to CCP, everything to their customers…


Its obvious CCP is full of scoundrels. They do surveys all the time it seems and they hide behind them. Why not come on the forums and take a look yourself, dear CCP employee, or go and play the game a bit. You will know what to do then. If not, you should quit.

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nope - no e-mail recieved… not that im wondering…

One of the questions was asking our thoughts on paying PLEX to design your own SKINs, which I thought was interesting.

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Is EVE online a sci-fi mmo for primarily male adults? probably not

Got better thing to do, like watching Paint dry.

Why would any CCP employee want to come on and see endless posts filled with you whining ?

I had zero issues filling out the entire survey, which contained some really useful hints of possible future developments like being able to design and even sell our own skins.


Best example of irony I’ve seen in a while.

On topic. The survey didn’t seem to have an agenda for a change. But as usual it seemed to be written by a third party that had no idea what EVE Online actually is.

I did go into detail when they asked about the year end character summary. In a nutshell, suggesting it seemed like it was written by a moron’s home schooled six year old.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


didn’t get that e.mail

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It takes 10-15 minutes tops and that is if you are really overanalyzing the questions.
I agree at least this one didn’t seem to have a predetermined bias/outcome,
for example, rate CCP’s use of the advice of the CSM with 1 being good and 5 being incredible.


Maybe that’s not a bad a bad thing. The questions felt like someone really wanted to know what is important to me in EVE and why, relating to almost all aspects of gameplay. The survey writers don’t have to know the ins and outs of a game to ask pertinent questions, base knowledge of gaming in general suffices. It’s a more targeted survey.
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How come I never received the email?

I promise I won’t give it away if I were to win. @Uriel_the_Flame

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Sounds good. Maybe you can place it in a secure place where it is locked away from even you, like a vault of sorts but even better, so even if you have the urge to gift it away you will not be able to…

…like placing it in a secure container anchored in space. :smirk: :innocent: :blush:

(Guaranteed it will not be gifted away and it will also serve a good and greater purpose. :wink: )

Likewise I think only V.I.P. Capsuleers receive such evemail

  1. Release cookie cutter surveys
  2. Release vague roadmap based on said surveys

CCP are geniuses

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You’re aware it’s very easy to find out if it’s a scam email, right?

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