Totally Inaccurate "Survey"

Okay, I took the survey, and I just want to say how freaking INACCURATE it is. It labeled me as “Dominant” and I am totally not that. I also am on disability for bipolar and major depression and almost every anxiety disorder you can think of and it labeled me “Doing Great!” for Anxiety and Flow state was also “Doing Great!”. The only thing that was accurate was Physical Wellbeing labeled as “Needs Improvement” and Sleep, “Needs Improvement”. Also accurate was “You scored low on positive emotions.”

Very mixed and messed up survey, imho.

Dray Cil


Err… wut?

Edit: Oh… I see. You mean the data harvester on the launcher.

Carry on.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


I’m gonna do it when I get home, before I have to leave my house again. Never get a break even on my days off

This is a prime opportunity for finally getting rid of EVE Online’s non-consensual PvP scourge. Everyone should try their best to answer questions in a way that makes it as clear as possible that they just want to mine in peace and not fight and compete with other players, and together, we can finally change the game for the better!


i want i to…
explain plz

I had fun with it.

But the coporate wellbeing pseudo-psych it spews at the end is pretty laughable.

I think of more signifigance is the fact it was one per launcher.


Just because I described myself as non-dominant doesn’t mean I’m opposed to PvP.

And you, a forum veteran, are really a nasty person and toxic, imho.

Dray Cil


If you think Im giving Billy a week’s Omega, you trippin sista

Aint no one got time fer dat


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Kind of a weird thing to say to someone at the top of the list of people you’ve “liked.”

I guess it’s true though, you really shouldn’t ever meet your heroes.

Mining is a worse scourge of EVE than non-consensual pvp! Even if both are terrible!

Tied with 3 other people. I don’t recall ever liking one of your posts but I’m forgetful and there’s a 90% chance you were being sarcastic anyway (like now) and I misunderstood.

Dray Cil

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Apology accepted.

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It was not an apology.


Wait do you get another week of omega every time?

There’s a lie and a half.


Mine was “needs improvement”, but a blind donkey in a coal mine could have told you that listening to me rant.

CCP has taken enough time from me trying to compensate for all their screw-ups
I got no more time to give them. The time it would’ve taken me to complete that survey could be used for something else in game, like getting isk from Project Discovery or hauling some P.I resources.

7 days of premium is ~125 plex which equates to roughly 250 mil. Not that I care enough to do it on more than 1 account but if you’re going to make the comparison I’d say it’s worth it.

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I only did it for the personality results.

Boy, was I dissapointed.

CCP, hire a better company next time.

Dray Cil