Closed - Survey on the gender gap in EVE Online

My name is Lucas and I am a student of media communication and management. As part of my master thesis I am currently conducting a survey on the gender gap in EVE Online.

According to the senior strategist of CCP Games Development Infrastructure, women comprise about 10% of the entire player base in EVE Online.

The survey should take no longer than 5 minutes. The data collection is for scientific purposes only and your data will be treated confidentially.

You can find the google forms link here: Removed

Edit: After the elaborate feedback I have decided to remove and rework my survey. Thanks for your time

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Is that proposition based on prior research ?
Out of curiosity and genuine interest, how will you measure if and to what extent marketing is gender-based, and how do you define toxicity ?


Last I knew, EVE has one of the most detersive player bases in the MMO world? But my data is probably obsolete. I would hope some of the other females (not sure what to call a woman in todays politicly correct world is) will post on this subject.

Edit; Seemed a very skewed survey…

Not sure about that. My mother and sister could handle any male EVE player easily.

My mother is 88 now, and occasionally we do the odd 90 minutes of WoW. Nothing complex. Just spending time really.

Problem is: They’re just not into space ships. No way. When I showed them EVE a decade ago… basically no reaction. When I showed them my bloodelf female hunter… “omg, look at her, she’s soooo cute!”.

Stereotype? Not sure. My mother has been working on an IBM 650 (and a 1401 later) from the late 1950s into the 1960s. She’s not afraid of new technologies, got a mobile in the 1990s and a smartphone right when they were available. Every now and then she does the odd bit of shopping on the internet.

She’s been trekking and climbing for the best part of her life. 9 months after her hip replacement, aged 70, she was right back with us on a glacier, heading for the next peak.

Doesn’t matter, whether it’s EVE or any other “similar” franchise. Get her to play spaceships? No way.


But that does not mean EVE is prejudiced against females. It’s just that the females around you are just not interested is this type of game?


Comms are a problem, too. Most corps are made up of loud mouthed, swearing bigots.


Unfortunately, that’s exactly why I cut ties with my last remaining friends in game. Just couldn’t take it anymore…

Trust in this game is a priceless commodity.


By adding “antisocial” to 90% of the questions you’re very much muddying the waters in terms of answers and outcome. If you’re going to draw conclusions from this and pretend the answers were mostly about sexism then you’re doing it wrong.


I think the OP has already drawn her conclusions before even posting the survey.


Let’s keep “woke-ism” out of EVE, thank you…


Isn’t that always the case with gender studies and other vague nonsense victimising group think constructs. It’s pretty much implied.


At least to me, it’s unfair to target EVE. One of EVE’s best bragging points the diversification of the player base. Go pick on wow where you can have sex with each other. (now that’s creepy)


Damm, now I gave CCP another idea for their skill paks… :roll_eyes:

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I call dibs on Dryson Bennington. And it won’t be consensual…


nowadays there is a lot of games dedicated to the female audience but historically MMORPGS has being a unisex type of games
a lot of marriages and dating start on this games
that is because the mechanical part attract the boys and the social and customization part attract the girls
i played a lot of mmos and there is much more girls than RTS or FPS , moba etc
the other important long therm diference of mmorpgs and other games is a more older audience , thats because o the tradicional pay to play / monthly pay of the genre , kids tend to not have credit cards or constant disposable income
that said EVE is a hardcore game and i expect to see a more nerdy / technological savvy audience

obs: i notice that several females like the commerce part of mmos , don’t know why , i teorize that is comon in various cultures for the females to sell the stuff and the male build / get the stuff


:scream: :rofl:
And I thought I was cruel!

btw eve chicks best chicks ofc

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The women in EVE scare me far more than the men, but I usually learn that lesson just after I’ve died.


Death during consensual sex - Wikipedia
Bet the OP is sorry now!

Edit; And poor ISD Batman when he sees this thd when he wakes up!