EVE player demographics!

Is there any public data about players age, geographic distribution or account age?

None of us have sex.


I don’t remember having to fill in any data that would prove useful for those stats. Aside from the fact that they can see where I connect from.

My pilot is male
I am male
I like mining
I like to rp

Whoa there. Speak for yourself. My GF may be imaginary, but we get BIZAY!

I like memes. for memes are the dna of the soul!

CCP drove away the demographics they used to brag about so now they don’t say anything about the subject.


I think they no longer care about demographics or preferred playstyle, all they care about is your spending habits and how easily and effortlessly they can get the money from your wallet into their pockets. :wink:



A rare rl photo of me…

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It seems to be working as numbers also seem to be up.

About the same age as me although you would never admit it. :smirk:

On the contrary, in corp chat I quite often joke that I remember the dinosaurs.

Then you’re a spring chicken! I’m in competition with dirt to see who’s older.

Proof Gorns carried Lightsabers! Probably why they were not assimilated.


You sure seem to have Gorn wild on that outfit.

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my pilot is Female
I am Male
I like Boobs
I like Lasers




But do you like to roleplay?
If that is the case as reason for replying to my reply above that happened to ping me instead of just pressing the reply button at the bottom!

I am not seeing what you wanted for me to see so I had to think of something like watching Jerry Springer’s Top 10 Craziest Moments to fast forward to the 9:00 minute mark to witness the level of crazy that your reply to my reply had generated.

See how good you really are at this game you had started!
/to make this easygoing it was the one from 3 years ago,

Kind of like having special chewing gum that allows under water breathing.

/I am guessing we all chew Oxygum to allow us to breath while inside our capsule.