Eve players

So what is the average/common age group of people playing EVE? and how long do a player usually stick to the game? is there anyone who has been playing since the first release?

i guess average is 30/40 years

you don’t quit eve
you give a time

yes but i don’t know him

Last i read the average player was 25-30 years old. Oldest eve player is over 50 years old.

Vast majority are male. Even when compared to other MMO’s. And if i remember right, more likely to be in the military and/or a professional career or something along those lines.

Player retention wise, eve is not great short term. But beyond a certain hurdle people stick with eve longer than your average MMO. (I’m literally a few days away from 10 years)

Pretty sure there are people that have been here since release. Don’t know any by name though.

I feel I’m representative of the average. 14 years in the game and pretty damn old.


Haven’t you heard? 50 is the new 40.

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Wow, this is like amazing. people been playing for 10+ years! I quit most games after a few month, but I really like EVE, and I guess I will be playing the game well into my 20s.

yes, I am not even 18.

I reached my 10 year anniversary with EVE this year, I can’t say I’ve been solely involved with EVE during all that time though, I likely have less than 10,000 hours in-game.

That’s around the amount of hours I have in the Fallout and Elder Scrolls games. I couldn’t even guess at the amount of time I’ve spent in this game.

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Welcome to the sandbox.

The PvE gets tired fairly fast, but if you get into the economy and pvp side of things, there really is nothing like eve.

I started when I was ten years old. EVE was my way of getting back at the bullies in school.

I thought you have to be above 13 years old to play? when I first saw EVE I cant play because I am only 12 by then.

Rules are meant to be broken. Maybe you were one of those kids who said “no, mom says I’m not allowed to watch that!” when your friends secretly brought a violent or horror movie to a sleepover?

I saw Scarface when I was like nine years old, and I turned out fine.

You are correct. It’s rated ‘T’ for Teen iirc.

Though it’s hard to police.

you guessed it right.

Did CCP ever do a player survey at some point? Kinda feel like they would have, just to get a rough statistic of the locations, ages, sexes etc of their playerbase.

All that info more or less they have.

Also the reason for leaving you add when cancelling sub.

people might think they will sell the information like facebook did.

Oh yes. There are actually quite a few who played EvE from the Beta stage even before the release 17 years ago. There used to be many more who had been playing from at least near the beginning of EvE, but about 5 years ago many of them started to leave the game for various reasons (real life stuff, thought EvE had become too soft, etc.)

There are also many EvE players in the 40’s age and above. There are probably some fairly old-aged EvE players in here. For example, at one time there was a leader of a large group (Sir Molle) who was in his 70s.

I’m in my mid-70’s, been playing for 2 years after many years on virtual worlds. Eve is the only MMO I’ve ever played. I had to wait 10 years since I first heard of it for the right hardware and bandwidth, but it was well worth the wait :slight_smile:


I’m 34. Come and gone from Eve since 2009.

I used to work with an older guy (26 at the time) at my part time job in highschool who played Eve obsessively and he’d always tell me about it. My computer was trash back then but I was that close to downloading and playing Eve in 2003-2004

I wonder if he still plays? And even back then he always had an Eve story to tell