How old was you when you first played eve?

I first started eve when i got a Gateway which was a potato. I would freeze up and get podded because how weak the processor was. But I was 14 or 15 it was late 2014 early 2015 for me.


This post makes me feel old since I started playing this game when you were four or five years old.

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I was 32 when i first started playing in 2004…

Oh, the bantam in a belt trying to hit the rat, took ages to kill but i was hooked :laughing:

I first heard about EVE in 2008 but it wasnt until ads started poping up on Youtube in 2009 that I finally took a look at EVE , thought “what the hell is that game??” and gave it a try. I started just as Apocrypha launched pretty much.
I was 20 then im over 30 now and ive took many many breaks from EVE but ive just the last few days had the itch to check it out and play again. How is the game now?

February 2014. 39 years old. :+1:

Character creation was 1970. Was in beta, gave it a try in 2004, started for real in 2005.

I started ganking when I was 5 or 6, with my parents. Now that I’m all grown up I have my own ganker alt. I’m so proud of everything our family has achieved in high sec.

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Too old.


Familly corp of g

I think I was around 22? 24? Or so when I first started.

  1. How old? Too stanky for words.

30 and a half. Luckily my mummy said I could play as long as I did my homework.


Just started this year! 34 years young.


How old was you …

Old enough to recognize a grammatical mistake in English (not my primary language.)

How old were you when you first played eve?

Early 30s


14 now i am 12.


This post makes me feel old because I was 53 when OP was 4.


At least close to my epoch.

Don’t look a day over 21.

Old enough to know using dad’s credit card for subscription without permission was somehow “wrong”…


Started playing around December 2017, near my birthday. Was 14 back then, and the same month I’ll do my EVE Online birthday, I’ll also do my seventeenth birthday ! :slight_smile: