How old is considered old?

Hi, I returned to eve after a LONG- absence so I’m wonder ING if my account from 2004 is considered old and if so how old lol.

Added note had no clue what my login details were but m cleared hat up quickly. Within a afternoon. Just saying good job to GMCupcake who respond but imo they are all pretty good.

Using a tablet to post butchered my post. Sorry lol

well…eve was originally released in 2003, so there is that.

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I’m not really following your question.
Are you asking if the 2014 birthdate has any effect on gameplay, or if people will see it and say “wow that’s an old account”?

No, Ive subbed to every mmo I’ve played starting with eq2.

Ie come to look at anniversary events as nothing special just a nice extra really. Also if someone would consider it old. It’s been like 15 years or more since I played last lol. I’m effectively a noob, with noob questions like mine lol.

Removed an off topic post. Also, welcome back to EVE! Old is only as old as you think it is.

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I’ve only been playing for 6 years or so, and I still consider myself young. I still haven’t skilled into all the things I’d like to skill into (of course, new things… trig ships… keep being added to that list!) I’d consider a player who’s been playing from 2004 non-stop old, I’d consider a player who’s been playing from 2004 but with a 15 year break young. I think you are somewhere in-between there…

I used to ‘o7’ in local at 2003 characters I’d see. Character age used to be something I’d scout back in the day. It doesn’t matter as much now

0ld as dirt

Indeed, between players taking breaks, character bazaar, and now sp trading character age doesn’t seem to matter all that much.

An 03 character is pretty OG, but honestly I haven’t even looked at a characters age in a long time now. 04-06 is still pretty old, 07-10 was when the game peaked in terms of PCU so I’d expect a bunch of characters from then, although even that’s freaking 9 years ago now which seems like an eternity as far as games go, seems most people don’t even play the same thing for a year now.


How old is old? 108 yrs old.

Some players value old characters, so if you’re willing to let go of the that ‘old toon’ (sell it on character bazaar) maybe you make a decent isk and invest in a new '19 toon. Other than this, I think age in Eve online is relative to game play experience.

Not always.

Please return when you actually have a question.

And some things in Eve never change no matter how old your character is.

Like I said I’m pretty much a noob

I’m going to make a new character to relearn the game.

Thanks for the reply.

I’ll be interested if you have us an update on your progress since May.

TY from an 03 player.

Erm… 15 years?

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