18 years in an NPC corp! A couple questions

I have three characters, and I think all of them have been in NPC corporations since the game launched in 2003. (I was even in the EVE beta before 2003.) One or two did actively work with a player corp by joining its chat and helping it haul stuff, but I don’t think I ever formally joined that corp.

Well, since I’ve rejoined EVE this week, and I feel like a complete newb, which is why I’m posting in this forum. I’ve noticed that people are impressed that my characters are so “old”, and that I’ve got an 18-year streak in NPC corps. I even see that people sell 10-year-old NPC-corp pilots for PLEX. Why are these characters so valuable?

Also, if I did join a player corporation, would it wipe out my “18 years member of x” line in my player profile? That is, would I be required to leave the NPC corp?

Many thanks in advance.

joining a player corp will move your employment history in the npc corp to the second line but still show all the days in corp. people are interested in “old” characters for a variety of reasons, but one is for skill farming given that they may have skills that no longer apply and can be extracted or have unallocated skill points. otherwise they may mistakenly believe that age - play time. welcome back, it is a very different game from years ago. EVE everchanging. if you find yourself looking for a home , contact our recruiter dorfsorc. we are one of the oldest alliances in the game and will find the right corp for you.


They’re not. It’s passing comments from people who don’t realize that going afk for 18 years is nothing more than just going afk for 18 years in an npc corp.

That’s how it would work, yes.


Thanks for the helpful replies. Good to know.

@leavwiz EVE has changed a ton since I last played in 2009! And even more since its launch in 2003. Exploration was a thing when I left, but it was very different. Lots of other stuff is completely new. It’s fun to see.

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