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Good evening all, hopefully this is the appropriate place for this post

Every few years work takes me away from home for periods of time. I tend to play for a chunk of time, travel for a year, and then return. Though those periods away are getting shorter thankfully. After this alst stint away of a year, I was looking to return to the game. and wondering if there might be a corporation that might seem a reasonable fit to approach and discuss potentially joining.

By way of background, much more of an indi / building / exploring character, with about 85M skill points on this and something similar on my another character.

Though I have a reasonable degree of skill points,.sadly that has done little to actually impact my skill in the game. I am most comfortable mining, building, exploring, transporting, and of course defending. But more of a bullet sponge that lets the others win than an effective fighter myself. I fly the usual range from rorqs, to JF, carriers, and the usual range of smaller hulls

Much of my experience has been in null, but WHs have always seemed to be quite fascinating, but I admit to not having worked in that area much.

Between work and family commitments, longer playing periods can be challenging, and I play in mountain time. While speaking somewhat limited English, or considerably limited French. Being the (semi) professional type I tend to gravitate towards older folks more so than young whippersnappers.

Currently my characters and all of their equipment seem to be in Esoteria… Somewhat scattered over a significant chunk of the southern map.

If my background seems a potential fit for a Corp happy to contact you at your convenience on whatever mechanisms makes the most sense

V / R


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Hello Gnostia,

Wellcome back again to the game. I am Tryme Trymsson and i am currently trying to build up a Roleplaying player made lore based upon the eve lore stories & a player government to boot. Recruiting!
This is something unique (from what i know) that may not appeal to everyone since it has the roleplaying tag and lore tag on it. But yet i recive mutch possitive feedback and support for it to happen. People wish to see this come true.

What i offer is that you take part in this and build up this idea from the ground to a reallity. And since you are a travler that comes back after some time to the game i think this will suit you. Since i plan to have this last for quite some time and it should be somewhat easy to come back to once the government is established. So you can think long turm here, it’s what i offer + the content ideas behind this idea.
Have a read and decide. Come back to me once you have read it and let me know if you have any questions or wish to know more about it. We can allways try to have a chat. Anyways, let me know your reply.

Hope to hear from you,

with best regards

// Tryme Trymsson

Hello Gnostia, our Corporation is based in a region where you can make good use of those indy skills.
If you are looking for a easy going group to fly with, that’ll be us. And there’s a absence of those whippersnappers.
Here is a invite to our Corp’s Discord, someone will be happy to chat with you about joining us.

Fly safe,

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