Oldest R.L. Eve Player

Hi I have played Eve for about 14 years and I am 74 years old in real life are there many other players in their 70s and who is the oldest guy playing


In my old alliance, Vastly Outnumbered, I know a member who was up there with you, and she multiboxed like 8 mining toons! 100% sure she is still with @The_Tebo and his guys.

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Back in 06/07 I joined a corp that had a member who, at the time, was 82. Sadly I doubt he’s still with us, but who knows? That old man was a blast to be around.

well I’m only 50, so think I still fall into the youngsters group lol


There are ways to tell, but we don’t like to scare people with what is coming :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Do you have hair coming out of places you never had or wanted hair before? :rofl:

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Doh, I can relate to that… :worried:

If you’re 50, you’re automatically an honored fellow member of POD.*

*Players Older than Dirt

I don’t know who’s the oldest, but CCP devs over the last 5 years are aging me at an accelerated pace. :wink:


39 years old. I’m old and young at the same time I guess haha.

Early 70’s here, and not a gamer (apart from early Tomb Raider) until I discovered Eve last year.


The average age of a gamer is 35 , 41% are female

Very far from the stereotype of young nerd boy gamer.

So no you are not old. I am 40 by the way.

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I’m 62 and love EVE. Hope I’m playing it into my 70s.


Iʻm not telling anyone my age, old man! :upside_down_face:
Signed: Elder(est) Diva

played since 2004 I am 59 soon to be 60 lord willing


I knew someone in his 80s several years ago. He lamented not being able to get into pvp (too much stuff to learn at his age he said:) , but he loved mining and the immersion of being in space.

Soon to be 62 and going strong although I’m “fairly” new to Eve.

55 here. I had hair when I started playing EVE. Now, not so much.


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