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Has anyone else just received the online survey?

I just started to fill it in, I wasn’t very flattering about the game and the state it’s in while filling in the first question. It showed 17% complete so I was expecting more questions, but when I hit enter it went straight to 100% and stopped.

Thank You!
Thank you for taking our survey. As a valued member of the EVE Online community, your thoughts and opinions are very important to us. Fly safe!

Answering one question isn’t in any way a meaningful survey, maybe they’ll only let a survey full of positives carry on to the next question?

Was it the very first question or were there others like age, location, etc?

Or was it a question with comment response and you answered amthe question but your comment was negative?

I only ask because it’s possible that you weren’t the target demographic and once that was determined, the survey ended. And I don’t mean because you were negative but rather becausr your other answers

I’ve had surveys where once I stated my occupation was not nursing or the like, the survey ended because my input was not being sought. It could be the same here. Not knowing the survey, it could be you answered say I dwell in Hi Sec only or don’t do PvP, and CCP is looking for input specifically from rhosr groups of players.

No you didnt offend the survey, They were looking for a specific demographic of player for feedback.
One of your answers precluded you from said demographic and thus cut it short.
I used to do it for a living , it’s super common.

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It was the very first question, no demographics were collected.

It wasn’t a tick box, it just asked what you thought of the game ( I think ) it was just a dialogue box for a typed answer.

Sorry no it wasn’t, there was a tick box about your feelings toward the game from very disappointed to very happy first, mine was the former. Then you got the dialogue box, but I still feel they didn’t want negative input so cut it short.

I can picture them all sat in the office with their fingers in their ears going LALALALALA.

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Thats how you spot a fishing mail, since this cant be ccp obviously.


Two questions I wanted to see on the survey that were not there.

  1. What goal is it you aspire to achieve while playing Eve online?
  2. How can we at CCP help you towards your goal/progress,which will lead you to becoming Omega?

Maybe the survey was rushed out before its development was completed :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s the reply from submitting the survey, not the text of the email.

I got the survey, and it did the same thing to me. After going to the website and answering the first question (17% complete), non submitting it jumped to the end. It was a free answer question with nothing that could have flagged an opt-out of the survey, except saying that you are disappointed.

There is no way that the email was a fishing scam, as in my case it was sent to an email address that only exists in CCP’s database, it does not exist anywhere else, not even on my mail server. The email was properly addressed to the username/character also a pairing that would only exist for CCP. Also the headers confirmed no spoofing of a send address or server.

This appears to be the actual case, or they just don’t care to receive any input that isn’t praise.

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Last survey I took was about citadels and I gave my “totally unbiased opinion” that the defender needs a higher advantage now we have the new update people are whining about,glad CCP actually looks at surveys

To test this, I went to the survey and answered as “moderately satisfied” (or however the option is actually phrased - it was the second from the right) - the result was the same: 17% complete = done. So I don’t think they’re looking for a particular answer filter (unless it’s one of the extremes, I suppose.)

17% would suggest another 5 questions, assuming they all have equal weight.

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Thanks for testing, good job. So we are left with:

Now I heard people speaking that POSes were fine in how you could remove them, everything else with POS was wrong. So it looks like those people wanted just citadels with POS mechanics for damage and removal.

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