CCP quietly pulls the 12traits survey and 7 days Omega bonus from the launcher

Greetings fellow capsullers,

Until recently, this morning I believe, there was a survey available to be completed, accessible via the game launcher, provided by 12traits, after the completion of which the account would receive 7 days of Omega status. This survey was available fron the 15’th of April 2.021 and now – 25’th of April 2.021 it is not available. I have noticed it wasn’t available sometime today before down-time, but it was available yesterday after down-time, in fact, if I remember correctly, it was available just a few hours ago. Hence it must have been pulled sometime between down-times.

Have you guys completed the survey? If so, did you do it on multiple accounts? Did you find it useful?

Adrian Vexier

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no, only heard about it now

Im going to guess it ended


Nothing lasts forever.

They didn’t ‘quietly pull the survey’, they ended it.

I filled it in and while I’m not sure if it was that useful it gave me some reflection on my motivating drives.

And 7 days free Omega isn’t useless either.

I hope it also provides CCP some useful information about the players that they can use to improve the game.


Put some random stuff in for each account and claimed omega. Didn’t feel that this much my personal information was worth 7 days of omega.

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So you stole from CCP?

“Personal information”.

CCP has your credit card on file, and you’re worried about people knowing what movies you like. SMH.


I completed the survey, and I thought that the questions were mostly useful if you were trying to understand some of the psychology of the player base.

The biggest issue with it, in my opinion, is that they offered a reward that prompted people to complete the survey in the shortest possible time to get it, thereby poisoning the results of the survey with answers given to questions left unread.

I personally liked reading my results. I’m not sure how accurate they are in some aspects, but I thought their account of what motivates me was fairly insightful.

I have only one account, so I did not do the survey more than once. I don’t actually play Eve these days, so the omega time will be wasted. What I wanted to do was give useful feedback to the developers that could be used to improve the game so I took the time to give considered answers of quality.


Statisticians and psychometricians have ways of detecting that and removing those cases from the data set.

I imagine they can screen the results, but given that this is Eve, I would expect a lot of data will need to be scrubbed. If the reward were less substantial, the quality of the feedback in general would probably have been better.

That’s just my opinion from what the grape vine tells me, though. It is what it is. I always faithfully execute on an agreement and get a little irritated when I see people who don’t, so I could also imagine the problem isn’t as bad as I think it is because of my selective personal bias. Since this is an informal stage, however, I decided to deliver my opinion with candor instead of screening my opinion for scientific neutrality.

It’s still available.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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They don’t.
Pulling assumptions from thin air won’t make you sound more reasonable.

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Did the same, lol.

Didn’t either.

Sure. :roll_eyes:

You still stole and your concerns are still silly.

lol, reward was for completing survey not for honest answers.
I have no concerns and silly are your poor attempts at picking fight.

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You’re concerned about privacy.

Nope. Never said that. You twisted it that way just so it will fit your narrative.

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:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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Yup they don’t have your CC on file, their payment provider does, CCP does however, have access to everything you’ve ever said in an ingame channel ever, which is probably far more information than this survey could ever have gotten them

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I think I missed out on this!

IMO it was a brilliant marketing idea.

How many Alpha players got hooked on the benefits of being Omega and paid to continue afterwards?

Well done CCP.
Well done.