Dumb survey

i dont play any other games than eve so how tf do i add 3 more games…


you can’t, every game is eve…

You could lie?

I mean, youre only doing it for the Omega, right?


and they wont even allow me to add other hobbies that arent listed. wtf is this lol

i take it back lol. that only took 3 minutes to BS for the free omega, thanks!

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I put N/A for any questions that were not applicable.

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i put ASf zaswedn fjkgsadb,shbv,adfnm for all of them and 1 on literally all that needed it. then,the first 5 or so of the multiple choice. much faster

weird flex

I did it and still dont have the 7 day omega lol. I will keep waiting

Have you relogged?

nice try, not a flex

yeah relogging worked for me

Yep, it’s definitely totaly b.s.: It doesn’t know “Dyson Sphere Program”. Who the f.ing h.ll are those guys that developed this “survey”? They can’t have the slightest knowledge about games.

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