Diversity Survey Celebration 🎉

hello there. i was very excited for the survey today. i came for the cat ears, stayed for the inclusivity.
this topic is only for people who thought it was nice. please no capital letters, no yelling.
positive vibes only here

  • 。・::・゚★,。・::・゚☆ 。・::・゚★,。・::・゚☆
  • .・゜-: ✧ :- -: ✧ :-゜・.
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    there are many threads already open for bad vibes, and i respect ur freedom to use them.
    if you still have bad vibes, that’s okay. sit with it. i’ll make you some tea.

Define bad vibes :slight_smile:

shhhh, no yelling please.
would you like some tea?

the topic clearly says no bad vibes and no yelling.
no caps, please. would you like some tea?
i’m not trolling. eve reddit used to do a friendship posting day with no caps, no yelling, and no bad vibes. talk about something ur happy about. :3


you used three capital letters
here are the old rules. it’s very simple, and a recipe for a good time.

  1. do not use any capital letters.
  2. talk about what you appreciate or what is good with eve
  3. players will agree with you in all lowercase.
  4. talking about what we appreciate will form a positive relational bond in the eve community.
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Ah I also answered yes to this question. Not sure if I took the survey seriously after it. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


People of all walks of life play and love EVE. Having them acknowledged is not an attack against you, not the introduction of real world politics, nothing like that at all.


It is as normal as eating or breathing for a developer to survey the demographics of its playerbase.

There is no need to get this upset. The forums have blown the whole thing out of rabid proportion.


I did think it was really nice :blush:
hugs for y’all :partying_face:
anyone want some tea?


I concur :face_with_monocle:

No reason for panic everyone. Just a survey.

Let’s all relax. Chill out.

2023… The year of blowing things out of proportion.


same here :heart_eyes:


i super liked how as a woman the questions were different than they were for my partner.

makes me feel good, fam, getting asked questions about my experience like it might actually matter - it’s like how in an emergency room they ask you if you feel safe at home… i do, but keeping an open dialogue about it makes -this- place feel safer and more constructive.


hello my beautiful queen
thanks for joining us.
would you like some detox tea? :3
my favorite questions was “name a game with diverse representation of women in it” because I couldn’t name one easily and that made me think, ya know?

whispering - i don’t take surveys but it’s rally nice that players can feel they can be who they are within the community and not have to apologize for it or feel inferior…
@Melicien_Tetro pssst, y’have any Loong Jien? :blush:


Something like this:

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I had a problem with that too, but I eventually entered Desta

I suspect the survey was prompted by this (closed) thread

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Ask and ye will be given…


I hope so, Amarr men dont get any of the good mohawks either


pours quietly


i had a little thought about this today.
what about a similar consideration for cosmetic items?
for example, i know many many powerful femboys.
high heels and weird leggings already exist in game, why are they not allowed to wear them?
i’ve noticed there are a few gender neutral cosmetics. perhaps moving this way long term is a good choice.


Like powerful as they have billions of ISK? Or just something else?

ISK=Power in this game.