True survey or phishing?

I did receive today a survey from CCP Research
I find it very suspicious than at the end it ask my main caracter identity and the email adress.
It is mainly the informations needed to recover an account.

So is that survey legit or its a phishing issue ?



I would email support asking about it. Nobody here can answer that.

@ISD_Drew got the email handy?

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well the topic can also be a response if other than me are trouble by that survey.

I am gessing some GM are around to check on that eventually.

But i could definitly do an email to support aswell. o7

If you have to ask that, you need more time learning how the internet works.


No legit company would ask for that info.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Then how did they get my email in order to send me the email asking me to confirm my email!?

Those questions only appear if you answer “Yes” to:

14. Would you be willing to talk to CCP in the future about EVE Online
    and video games in general? 

Still. They should not ask main caracter identity. They only need email to contact you.
If you want to recover an account the main question is about your main caracter. Suspicious.

You can mail with the report

Already mailed support and security for answers. :+1:

I got the same email today did a search on the signing certificate and it was from CCP they do send out surveys from time to time but it’s good to see you are on the ball if in doubt check it out :speak_no_evil:

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Just checked my email, had the survey in it, answered all of the questions and like @Nicen_Jehr posted, I answered no for question #14 and the survey completed without asking me for personal info.


Hm, there is a company asking one of their customers that has an account registed with an e-mail adress to use their services, for his e-mail adress by sending him an e-mail to the e-mail account he has registered his account with. Could be phishing, could be just CCP stuff.

Can confirm that the survey is sent from CCP Research and does ask for your in-game name/email at the end.


Thank you for your answer. :+1: Still strange to ask for main identity but well … it is CCP :smiley:

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they ask for your main toon name, not for your accounts name.

If you proceed to an account recovery procedure they will ask you your main toon name … So it is actually a security information.

I also got an invite to a survey on each of my 3 accounts.

No mention of anything to appear in the ‘Redeem’ area in return though.

I guess my time is literally worthless?

yeah stuff like that is super sus, esp when u check the address bar and see that you got forwarded to a web page you’ve never seen before

but why think about stuff like that, just have like 50% less answers from esp. from those who were expressing their will to help further if needed
ended up just skipping those fields after checking ■■■■ was legit
what a waste of time, next time might just ignore the whole thing in the first place ^^

Thanks for reaching out!

As ISD Drew mentioned, this is a survey sent out by CCP. This field is shown when you answer yes to the question asking if you’d be willing to talk to CCP in the future about EVE Online.

Regarding your concerns regarding account recovery, it’s very prudent of you to have these concerns. I will add that should you work with the EVE support team to recover your account, they do ask significantly more strenuous questions than your character name and e-mail.

Thanks for verifying!


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