Closed ...For sale 103mill SP Char

This Character for sale…Jon Tyrian 103.1 mill skill Points, Carriers,Blops,T3 cruisers…etc etc

Thanks for the interest

1 Remap avail.

In an NPC corp in Jita, still some assets dotted around low/null sec

clone 1 implants
cruise missiles CM-605
evasive maneuvering em-701
mechanic MC-801
Surg Strike ss-901
Hull Upgrades hg-1005

clone 2 implants
cruise missiles cm-603
shield managment sm-703
shield operation sp903
Large Proj Turret LP-1003

I already have been approached with a bid of 70 Bill…so nothing below this will be considered
toon on sale for 3 weeks unless sold




Bump for today

74,1 b offer

Today’s Bump

Can we stop being pedantic and bid in increments of .5Bil on High SP characters? If you disagree, my bid id 74.11B


I will let this run for another 24 hours…if no further bids I will sell to you

76.5B offer



Bid agreed with Nuclear Powered Eve…awaiting account name and isk

isk sent and account info sent via in-game mail. Thanks!!!


A/C transferred… there is a 10 hour cooling off period …thanks for sale

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