For Sale: 60m+ SP Combat toon


(Chantal Arkaral) #1

Hello there, After over 2 years break from eve im returning but looking to start off with a smaller character or from scratch, So looking to sell off this lovely Combat character.

Currently I have 60.4M sp (95% Combat related) with Caldari battlecruiser 4 than 5 in the works. I can fly countless sub capital ships required for PvP and more than enough for your PvE needs.

EveSkillBoard link -

  • Has and Will have a Positive wallet upon Transfer.
  • Some assets scattered around the world, which is up to you to keep or retreive.
  • Character is already in NPC corp (has been for 2+ years)
  • Currently has a Full set of high grade crystal implants
  • Another JC with +4s and stuff
  • Positive security Status (5.0)
  • Neutral to high sec NPC Corps
  • Has Revamp avail along with 1 Bonus
  • No Kill rights

Ill pay transfer and ISK goes to me (Naturally)
I reserve the right to refund 100% ISK and cancel trade if needed

Starting Bid - 50B
B/O 60B

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(Chantal Arkaral) #3

50B offer noted, and a update the Crystal Clone is in Empire space forgot to note. And Auction will end on Aug 7th Midnight EST.

(Chantal Arkaral) #4

Good ol daily bump for the 2nd

(Kenzee Leusten) #5

I’ll take up the 50B since the other guy retracted his offer

(Chantal Arkaral) #6

Rgr noted, kenzee highest at 50b. Still ~4 days left, lets see some more!

(Chantal Arkaral) #7

Bump for the 3rd/4th, Will be out of town until Sunday

(Chantal Arkaral) #8

Bump for the 5th, 2 days left.

(Chantal Arkaral) #9

Hate to do this but must withdraw the sale for now, forgot that in Asset retrieval (still week left) i have some shiny expensive items needing retrieved first. Will repost this at a later date, and if still wanting will contact you Kenzee

(Kenzee Leusten) #10

rgr. would have been a nice surprise :slight_smile:

(Arn0ld Palm3r) #11

I’d buy for 60bil when you repost

(system) #12

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