For Sale: 60m+ SP Combat toon

Hello there, After over 2 years break from eve im returning but looking to start off with a smaller character or from scratch, So looking to sell off this lovely Combat character.

Currently I have 60.4M sp (95% Combat related) with Caldari battlecruiser 4 than 5 in the works. I can fly countless sub capital ships required for PvP and more than enough for your PvE needs.

EveSkillBoard link -

  • Has and Will have a Positive wallet upon Transfer.
  • Some assets scattered around the world, which is up to you to keep or retreive.
  • Character is already in NPC corp (has been for 2+ years)
  • Currently has a Full set of high grade crystal implants
  • Another JC with +4s and stuff
  • Positive security Status (5.0)
  • Neutral to high sec NPC Corps
  • Has Revamp avail along with 1 Bonus
  • No Kill rights

Ill pay transfer and ISK goes to me (Naturally)
I reserve the right to refund 100% ISK and cancel trade if needed

Starting Bid - 50B
B/O 60B

50B offer noted, and a update the Crystal Clone is in Empire space forgot to note. And Auction will end on Aug 7th Midnight EST.

Good ol daily bump for the 2nd

I’ll take up the 50B since the other guy retracted his offer

Rgr noted, kenzee highest at 50b. Still ~4 days left, lets see some more!

Bump for the 3rd/4th, Will be out of town until Sunday

Bump for the 5th, 2 days left.

Hate to do this but must withdraw the sale for now, forgot that in Asset retrieval (still week left) i have some shiny expensive items needing retrieved first. Will repost this at a later date, and if still wanting will contact you Kenzee

rgr. would have been a nice surprise :slight_smile:

I’d buy for 60bil when you repost

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