[CLOSED] - Orca BPO - some station Equipment

Selling the following BPO’s
Various research, cheaper than Contracts
Contact me via E-mail for the best responds.

Now available on discord
Q.Rush - BPC R Ush#2487

Orca 10/16 - 3b

Station Equipment
1x Standup Ballistic Control System 10/16 - 200m
1x Standup Missle Guidance Enhancer 9/14 - 100m
1x Standup Signal Amplifier 9/0 - 100m


Capital Equipment
1x Capital Armor Repairer 10/18 - 150m
1x Capital Armor Repairer 7/0 - 48m (NPC)
1x 25.000mm Crystalline Carbonide Plates 9/16 - 150m
1x Networked Sensor Array 9/14 - 150m
1x Capital Energy Neutralizer 10/18 - 400m
1x Capital Shield Booster 10/18 - 150m
1x Capital Shield Booster 7/0 - 51m (NPC)
1x Capital Shield Extender 10/18 - 150m
1x Capital Azeotropic Shield Extender 8/14 - 90m
1x Dual Giga Pulse Laser 10/18 - 400m
1x Dual 1000mm Railgun 10/18 - 400m
1x XL Cruise Missle Launcher 10/18 - 300m
1x XL Torpedo Launcher 10/18 - 400m
1x Rapid Torpedo Launcher 7/0 - 49m (NPC)
1x Quad 3500mm Siege Artillery 10/18 - 400m
1x Fighter Support Unit 10/18 - 200m

Capital Remote Equipment
1x Capital Remote Armor Repaier 10/18 - 150m
1x Capital Remote Capacitator Transmitter 10/18 - 150m
1x Capital Inductive Comp Remote Cap trans 9/16 - 120m
1x Capital Remote Hull Repairer 10/18 - 150m
1x Capital Remote Hull Repairer 7/0 - 25m (NPC)
1x Capital Remote Shield Booster 10/18 - 150m
1x Capital Asymmetric Remote Shield 7/0 - 58m (NPC)

Station Equipment
1x Standup Co-Processor Arry 7/0 - 60m (NPC)
1x Standup Target Painter 9/14 - 100m

Sweeping the hangar floors left these for sale

Start off with some free research at NPC price for some of these BPO’s

Spring Cleanup

1x Capital Armor Repairer 10/18 - 150m
1x Capital Armor Repairer 7/0 - 48m (NPC)

Will take those via contract please.

You contract has been set for 1 week, thanks for your order

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Thanks all, updated first post

Garage sale feeling

BPO clean-out

Still one BPO with Free research available

Very long weekend has started!

Get yourself a well researched Orca BPO

I always believe in the good of people and will offer a non-biased service for everyone.
Someone just tried to scam me out of the Orca BPO’s via a trade window.
Thrust goes both ways and the contract system provides this for both parties, trade windows don’t.

If you buy, I sell via contracts, or you don’t buy.

Thanks for all real and professional business people I am dealing with up to now.


LF Buyers of neat BPO’s

Limited availability this weekend, please get your orders in before I’m unavailable

Can ya contract me the lot

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Thanks Crafty

Good BPO’s for sale

New additions, first post updated

i’ll take the orca bpo’s off your hands