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The alliance has requested for deletion.

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Sounds like English isn’t your first language, you can tell from your post…

Having people flag my post for pointing out grammar seriously speaks towards the volume of your ability to take criticism… Absolutely none.

Hopefully you handle contracts better then you handle criticism

Where is the killboard?

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There I linked it for you so people can see your business card.

Nice new logo…



Hello Saeger1737

I’m not sure why you would point out people’s grammar in a game like EvE online.
Where people of multiple nationalities come together and play an online game and not to discuss their abilities to spell in no matter what language.

Or even have an opinion about how people have to handle criticism because an off topic post.
Our / My spelling abilities have not to do with who we are or where we stand for.
I’m not here to advertise my Oxford English, nor to promote an online dictionary.
and will flag your post again for being Off topic.

So maybe you should take your “Criticism” to another forum and i’m happy to handle you there.
Here, no sorry.

I thank you for your understanding,


I’m looking for a Merc group to take out a few POCO in HS (Metropolis). Looking for pricing.

These Heathens need Pope Gary, Not only do they take donations to survive. Their beloved CEO himself claims they’re not mercs!

begging for isk even on the forums