Mercenary Yelp: Should this be a thing?

I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a website where people could find a mercenary groups and rate their performance afterwards (merc yelp pages essentially).

Would this be helpful to anyone? I’ve always been a merc, so I don’t know how hard it is for people to find a merc group. Has anyone had trouble finding one? Or finding a reputable one that actually does what they were hired to do?

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We have the Mercenary Services board on these forums, so your website would need to provide something that the board already doesn’t for it be truly useful. Although, perhaps just having a more easily readable format would be enough.

Also, be aware of the likelihood of fake reviews, seeing how merc corps are in competition with each other.

lol yes it should


have you?

I like the idea of that public rating system, could even have est prices for flat rate services… :slight_smile:

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that would get trolled to hell and back immediatly

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yea… basically cause thats all eve is, its player base is 4chan trolls… lol and their alts… :stuck_out_tongue:

CCP plans to implement Jobs and Recruitment into the Agency, which would include Mercenary work I’d guess, so any and all websites and services about it will grow pointless eventually. This reminds me that CCP Habakuk asked me to make a thread about it. I guess I’m late…

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