Closed - Sold

Ishtar - VNI ratter with good drone skills
Falcon pilot
Null sec Hulk, inc. TII moon crystals $$
Nice Pi skills
Transport ships
Covops with scanning skills

No killrights
Pos sec status
Pos wallet
Located in Jita 4/4
3x Remaps

30b Buyout

26 bil

27 bil

28 bil

Bids noted, thank you :smiley:

I need to sell in next day or 2 so highest at that time will win.
B/O offers welcome.

Todays bump, BO lowered to 30b

29 bil b/o?

Gattanera’s offer of 29b b/o accepted.

Transfer isk and send account name, i will send character asap.

Sending ISK and acc info.

Character sent, thank you

'Character Name: Joseph Weber

Will be completed after: 6/23/2018 3:59:43 PM’

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