WTA NULL SEC ISK MAKER t2 Rorqual miner

Auctioning a rorqual / ishtar pilot. Has great drone skills including mining drone spec to 5. character has 30 days of prem left will be 1 days short of jump drive operation 5.

Looking for the auction to end within 2 days left of prem time unless someone wants the account ahead of time.


Its in a neutral corp, positive wallet, located in jita, and i will pay transfer fee.

Account Expires

07 April 2019 - 12:54 am UTC (in 30 days)

B/O 30B

starting bid 10B

First off, I’ll offer 10 bill.

Secondly, you need to follow account selling bazaar rules. This thread will be locked.

11b want this as soon as possible

I’ll go 15. :slight_smile:

16b isk ready to go

I’ll go 18. :slight_smile:

19 bil

23b ready now

25 bil

26b also, this character can’t pilot an ishtar. No HAC skillbook :slight_smile:

I withdraw my offer. Free bump good luck

bid retracted due to recent balance changes

bump ! 2 days away from industrial core t2

bump! looking to sell from right now until end of sub date.


26 bill isk ready

30b/o isk ready

b/o offer made by ronan, awaiting info and isk to be sent in game.

isk and account name sent

isk and info received. transfer starting enjoy