(Avanya) #1

empty no longer available

(Avallah) #2

40b offer :slight_smile:

(Avanya) #3

Bumping looking better offers thanks

(Avanya) #4

Bumps daily

(Scream MyName) #5

55B assuming you deliver to pr-8

(Scream MyName) #7

then ill offer you going rate for an avatar in delve lol, 41B

(Scream MyName) #9

irrelevant, you overpaid or have had it along time before deflation, just cause you paid 30k for a new car doesnt mean youll get 30k for it :stuck_out_tongue:

(Avanya) #10

sure whatever, I know prices will go down on certain product kinda a no brainier here, even move this else where would be able above price paid for it but just asking for price close paid / just lower for it. if becomes so cheap would rather hull it for myself at least keep as trophie.

(Lisette en Chasteaux) #11

with no rigs GSF Avatar 45-47b ally contracts

(Avanya) #12

with rigs expected around 50b+

(Not 4 Sale) #13

When you can find them easy for 45 with rigs yours is gonna be here a looooooooooooong time.

(Avanya) #14

good playing since 2004

(Avallah) #15

It looks like someone who have access to cheap titans want to sell one for much higher price than regional.

(Avanya) #16

how without a GSF character

(spacedemolisher) #17

you will never sell this for anything over the price that it would sell inside GSF, why would any1 buy from you when they could more easily and cheaply buy it from alliance contract for cheaper, and as you have admitted u cant move it yourself, I would personally cut your losses and just try and get rid of it rather than trying to barter for a price you are never going to get. You have defeated yourself in posting this. I will offer 40bill for this.

Good Luck

(Avanya) #18

recommend buying from GSF .

don’t need isk anyways so will be removing thread.

(ISD Dorrim Barstorlode) #19

(ISD Dorrim Barstorlode) #20

Due to missing OP, thread closed.