Super Focused Avatar Pilot for Sale (Skins + HG Implants)

Awesome Character!


  • Titan 5
  • Doomsday 5
  • Capital Guns 5
  • Jump Cal 5
  • Full HG Amelet/Slave Set w/ 6% implants
  • Avatar Headhunter + Cold Iron Skins

Docked in Basgerin
Positive Wallet
No Killrights
2 Remaps

40 Billion Isk Starting, 50bil B/o

Reply here or message ingame

Confirming for sale

0/, B/O ?

I’ll give you 30 billion for her right now.

35B ready

Lmk when you have 40+

yes, what lowballers, if i didnt bought one yesterday i would have bid 45 to 50 easily, that skin tho nice

40b bid please see ingame mail on meeko

Did this sell? I’ll give you 40 billion.

I still have it, latest bid was 40 billion

Will you take 42 bil for it right now?

If someone doesn’t outbid you in 48hrs its yours

Ok let me know. I am ready to send you 42 billion isk.

42.5b isk

I’ll do 43 bil

43.25b isk bid

43.5 bil


44 bil

48b b/o can be on in a few hours with isk