Closed transaction completed

Yup, I’m for sale…
not enough time, too many lonely nights

Positive wallet, 300m +
Kill rights: Zero
Jump clone: None, Med clone in Tosh
Location: High Sec, Amarr Empire, Tosh Prime

Starting Required Bid: 70b
Bid closes 4-21-2018 10am EST (US) *Buyout removed

80b buy offer

Duly Noted, Thxz

81B b/o

Duly Noted, Thxz

82b offer

Duly Noted, Thxz

Evening bump.

83b offered

85b offer

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Duly Noted, Thxz

Morning bump, 24.5 hours left (roughly)

last bump until tomorrow


Fatli Solvent is the apparent high bid, waiting for contact

Fatli Solvent has contacted me, awaiting isk transfer in 3 hours, roughly

Isk and account info has been sent
Awaiting confirmation
Thanks for the short wait.

be online in a few, thanks

21 Apr 2018 15:42
EVE Character transfer

EVE Character transfer
Payment Method
Account Information
EVE Character transfer
transfer completed


Email received
Much appreciated
Fly Smart