CLOSED WTB Pilot 37b

Hi, I sold something and have 37b Burning in my pocket.

I am interested in a female pilot, or a good name Male pilot, and dont matter what is the type of skills the pilot have. Is for me trying something new with my money.

Requisites :

  • Decent name. Is awful contract something to Arthas_LOL_XXX
  • Really the skills dont matter. Can be pvp, miner, industry …

Offer and i purchase tomorrow, have some money more.
:Perfect Carrier Focused
:Industry, Mining. Currently bid on 35B

Rolla look good. I go to see if someone offer more pilots, and if not, i bid tomorrow. Thanks for your time.

No problem :slight_smile:

Hi there,
I’m selling a few pilots. This one is my only Female and she is a jump freighter.

Not problem to see males too =)

This link contains all the character’s I’m selling. They are all focused skilled, and related to mining, processing and industry.

I purchased Rolla, thread closed.

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