CLOSED: WTS 101 M SP Char 65 Billion ISK

Good core skill Char

Location: Renyn - Region: Essence
positive wallet balance: yes, 1 million ISK
kill rights: none
security status: 5.0
NPC corporation: yes, in NPC corp.

Not selling the character anymore. Thread can be closed


SOLD, help me make the trade in compliance with CCP Rules…

Taking a casual 20b loss… just extract it yourself man

Its his decision

I don’t know what extracting means…can I just “sell” it back to CCP?

you buy a item called “Skill extractor” off the market, il lets you take the SP from the chaarter and then sell it on the market

I am turning down selling to htao Beverlry.

He doesn’t seem to eager to help me sell the char. Please someone that understands that I need to be talked through how to sell the char in a good way. I am not experienced and I understand I am giving you a good deal for 65 Billion.

Thank you for understanding htao Beverlry

see my info, should be helpful

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Sent you a message in game, I can assist you understanding if you want.

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In talks for selling the character. STATUS: RESERVED

Transfering the 65b isk agreed upon and sending account information in game.

ISK received and character transfer initiated

already sold ?

yup…character sold

Not selling the character anymore. Thread can be closed

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