CLOSED - WTS 17.5 M SP, 2008 Char

WTS Gadianton Rob

Character has positive Wallet
No kill rights
2 jump clones available for anywhere
Positive Sec status
Located in Jita 4-4

I will pay transfer.

Start bid: 16 bil
Buyout: 25 bil
Happy Bidding all

Mod you asked me to flag my other post to re-open, but i did not have an option to do so or to message you. Please just lmk if there is something wrong with this post

Well the skillboard still shows you are in a player corporation. If you still are in a player corporation, you need to leave it. You have to leave the corp anyway to transfer the character, but from the moment this thread was created, your character should have been in a npc corporation

It is in a npc. the skillboard is outdated. i made sure to do it before posting. i dunno what the lag is

13B offer

Adjusted buyout and start bid


As stated in the channel info:

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14B offer

Auction still open

Auction Cancelled