(CLOSED) WTS 4 Low SP Virgins 2007-2009

I am no longer watching the thread. If you would like to purchase any of the characters below in the future, please contact me in game.

WTS 4 Low SP Virgins 2007-2009

Starting bid on all character at 1.8B to cover transfer cost.
All of the characters have the following:

  • No corp history
  • Few to no assets
  • Positive wallet
  • No kill rights
  • Docked in high sec
  • 1 yearly remap
  • 3 bonus remaps

Character SP Race Gender Born
YinYangOmega 1,094,267 Gallente Male 2007.09.19
Vythael (SOLD) 1,492,891 Amarr Female 2009.01.16
Hosea Kaldahl 56,489 Caldari Male 2009.05.03
Zueluljita 807,580 Caldari Male 2008.04.14
Zerusovery 844,086 Caldari Male 2008.04.17


I may be a slow to respond, but I will try to as soon as I can.

These characters are from many years of me making a bunch of accounts back in the day and mostly couldn’t afford the monthly fee. I have a main from about 11 years ago that I settled on eventually.

I also have 2-3 more characters that are from 2006 that do one one corp history that I have not decided to sell at the moment even being as low SP as these.

Please have each of your characters confirm that they are for sale by having them reply in this thread!

For sale

For sale

For sale

For sale

For sale

Can you post YinYangOmega’s EveBoard please?

I have moved the links down below the table since they were getting cut off. Sorry about that!

Much Appreciated :gentlemanparrot:

Vythael is being sold to a private bidder, will post again once the transaction has been made.

Funds for Vythael received, transfer has been initiated.

Confirmation for Vythael has not been been received from the buyer yet. Character has been transferred off my account, will update once I have heard back. Until then the other characters are still up for sale.

Confirmation for Vythael has been received.

Daily bump, characters are still up for grabs.

Bumping, I will continue to watch the thread until the upcoming Saturday/Sunday. At which point I will close the thread, but the characters will still be available if anyone wants to contact me in game.


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