[CLOSED] WTS 91M SP Capital Pilot (JF / SC / RORQ)


Positive Wallet
In Jita4-4
In NPC Corp
2 Bonus Remaps Available
Can fly Super carrier (Nyx)
Can fly jump freighter (Rhea,Nomad,Ark,Anshar)
Can fly Rorqual

Opening Bid : 80B
Buyout : 84B

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77B offer

Thanks for the offer. Noted…

Bid: 79B

Thanks for the offer. Noted as well…

80B offer

Bid: 81B

82B final offer

Bid: 83B

84B b/o offer

Bid: 85B


wtf , i have been bidding since the start of the sale… I out bid him the second he posted. and would continue to out bid everyone for this character.

I mean really he bids 1 time and wins even though I offered a new bid immediately after his post.

I have been bidding on this character long before him.

I understand you but why didnt you bid for the buyout price. I ll give you the toon from buyout if sale fails. Promise…

well, i didnt see you changed your original post, i only follow at the end to make sure i see bids as they happen. I was willing to bid up to your original ask. had i seen the buyout changes i would have immediately posted that. i have this webpage up since the start of your auction so that i could always bid higher than anyone.

Well definetly you have a point there. I changed the originbal one because after some investigation the original starting bid sounded a bit high. I dont know what to do ethicly tbh.

well, i have had multiple bids and all the bids i posted were reasonably within minutes of anyones bid. just because he puts b/o on his bid shouldnt be the end and bids 1x.
in a real life auction, the auctioneer doesnt stop the bidding and award to the person who meets the reserve price, he keeps the bidding going until he gets the top price. if you want to take less even though there is a higher offer, thats up to you.

Ok send the isk and account info. It is yours. A very old character of mine. I think it will be in good hands as you really want the char…

thanks… isk and account information has been sent.

Isk account info recieved. Initiating transfer…