Closed for the forseeable future

25 bil here ready now

previous post locked had bids of 32B. Sorry bro.

Bump. I’ll take 35B for the next 4-5 hours i’m online Plex ready.

Prefer 26B

See in game mail b/o ready

offer withdrawn

Okay? Latest B/O offer withdrawn whilst I was asleep? :sadparrot:

can we get 35 today family? Get your logistics and rorq dreams happening. OR extract one and inject the other!?

26.5 bil

@Lapia awaiting in-game for potential B/O offer. Once confirmed, I will post official bid.

Confirming offer accepted. Transfer ready and willing.

@Lapia apologizes, I’ve lost my remote connection from work. Confirm 39 B B/O, I will be home from work at 09:00 Server Time. Which @ that time, I will send ISK and Account Info. Please confirm if you accept.

Confirming - I will actually transfer with USD because your a gentleman.
Cya at 9.
P.S. Teach me how to remote in from work omg, so handy.

No isk or communication from vio. Bump.

What is your minimum you would take for it?

32B offer b/o

I WILL TAKE 32.5B B/O online for next 7 hours.

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